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Artist: ROBERT HAGAN - ALL ONLINE SALES THROUGH BLUETHUMB!, click Capanart Gallery is now MAIN Australian gallery for his works and full range available!

MORE ARTWORKS ON BLUETHUMB - Robert was born in 1947 in Murwillumbah, NSW and graduated with an Arts degree in Economics and a Diploma in Education from University.

Robert's rise to International fame began in the Perth where he had a sell out exhibition and met the America'sCup Team which went on to make Australian Yachting history. This led Robert to move to San Diego in 1991 to paint the American's Cup battle and publish his second book of Australian paintings.

In 1995 he again painted the Cup Race and won the prestigious Mystic International maritime painting competition. By that time Robert had established a firm presence in select U.S. galleries. About this time he had two more books published which led to his incredibly successful career in the U.S.A  Robert gave seminars on painting and judged art competitions in Los Angeles and appeared on TV talk  shows here and there.

He worked between Australia and the U.S.A with galleries in Carmel, Boston, Aspen and Vail doing particularly well.  Robert extended his paintings to the Thompson Galleries in London.

Apart from authoring several books Robert threw his hat into film making and successfully produced a TV Series for Discovery HD called 'A Splash of Colour'.

Australia's favourite bush balladeer celebrates his first Sydney Exhibition in 20 years. Experience the excitement of the muster in paintings by equine expert Robert Hagan. Robert's paintings cover subjects of The Bush to the Beach in Australia and swing between his romantic studies to equine paintings full of action.


Highly collectible!

Internationally renowned
Australian Artist 
Considered to be the NUMBER ONE Western style artist in Australia as of March 2016
and in the TOP FIVE (HEADING TO NO.1 THERE) Western artists in the U.S. Also selling in the U.K. and some of the most enjoyable investment art available. Host of two TV shows and producer of books and DVDs. Robert Hagan is in big demand in the U.S. and elsewhere, more than ever for most of 2019 and prices are rising on new work. Older works as well as the new ones at Capanart Gallery! 

Large paintings sell out immediately
but private commissions available!

Special Private Commission. Iconic painting of a lifetime!!! Huge!


Dangerous Run - SOLD -  May 2020

                                      SOLD 'UNDER CONTROL' 51 X 39 inches

                                      LAZY AFTERNOON' 22 X 29 inches

                             'THROUGH THE SHALLOWS'  30 X 40 inches

                                        'ON THE MOVE' 24 X 30 inches

                                     SOLD 'RIVER CROSSING' 24 x 36 inches

                                     'LOST AND FOUND' 16 X 20 INCHES

                                      'SUN SHOWER RUN' 24 X 30 inches

'Busy Day'
64 x 78cm Approx.

'Through the Marshes'

SOLD 'Brumby Trap'

64 x 75cm

'Cooling Off'
96 x 102cm

'The Business End'
76 x 101cm

'Brumby Run'
155 x 100cm HUGE!

'Perfect Afternoon'  SOLD
1625 x 1003mm LARGE

'The Chase 2'  
61 x 76cm 

            SOLD - Iconic and full of atmosphere depicting Australian                                                 Shearing Shed scene.
                                                                1.5 mt W x 1 mt H  HUGE!

Signature piece, one of his best ever!
2.5mt wide x 1 mt HUGE.
'BATTLE LINE' - UNFRAMED at this stage.

'Brumby Run' 79 x 158cm (large) 

SOLD! '''Time Together" 

'Brumby Trap' 61 x 76cm SOLD

76 x 1mt

SOLD 'Brumby Run 2' 43 x 76cm

SOLD November 2016
'Out of the Way!' 70cm x 1.4mt

SOLD October 2016
56 x 76cm

SOLD October 2016
'Final Instruction' 56 x 76cm

'The Mentor' 56 x 76cm - SOLD

 'Pond Friends' - Sold April 2016
'Homeward Bound' - Sold April 2016
'Under Siege'
140 x 69cm
 'Balmoral Roses'
'In the Shallows' SOLD

'A Pleasant Walk' small  
New and framed beautifully, very large too! Sold
'The Business End'
'Perfect Retreat' SOLD

'Cooling Off' sold

Size - unframed 1mt x 75cm (very large)
Size - framed 1.28mt x 1.10mt

Many smaller ORIGINALS! 



'Waiting Won't Get Anywhere'
76 x 43

'The Chase'
600 x 750 

'A Helping Hand'
Original Oil on Canvas

'On The Run'
750 x 1000 unframed
1000 x 1023 framed

 Something different!