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Richard Bogusz

Richard Bogusz's professional career as an artist spans 43 years. Beginning in Melbourne in 1971, it has continued in a tropical idyll since 1986.

It would be hard to imagine just how many of his very individual paintings grace private and public walls throughout the world. It suffices to say that just as his abundant imagination is as vital as the first day he picked up a paint-brush, as strong is the desire to "own and hang a Bogusz painting".

Just what is the fascination with his work? As one critic has said, "There is no verbal answer to the question, but a restful, emotional response of absorption and entry into a fantastic world of harmony and warmth. Each work says, these secrets lurk in the familiar, if you'll just look a little closer, Alice would be at home peering into the looking glass of Bogusz painting".

In each painting Richard offers a new perspective of the world that compels the viewer to renew the experience.

Work Highly Commended by Professor McCaughey & Daniel Thomas, N.S.W. Gallery 1974
First Prize awarded by Charles Bush 1974
First prize awarded by Paul Fitzgerald 1975 (portrait painter to the Royal Family)

Caulfield Arts Centre, Lions Club Award, 1977

New Works available now!

New  works on show from 16th January!!!!

ALL NEW WORKS! January 17th 2019

' Bugle Boy' 400 x 400mm (outer edges)


 'Lost Pet'    -    405 x 405mm

'Re-Creation'   -   405 x 405mm

'Fisher Wife    -    610 x 610mm

Úpon the Breeze'   -  610 x 610mm  

'The Keeper'    -    200 x 200mm