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Artist Louise Groves - Wiechers

Louise Groves Wiechers is a Tamborine Mountain artist and was born in South Africa, Louise completed a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts in Fine Art at the

University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. She majored in Graphic Art and Printmaking. In her Honours Year, her subjects were Art Criticism and Fine Art Printmaking. She completed a Higher Diploma in Education, and started a career teaching and lecturing in art. She has been painting on a full time basis for the past fifteen years. Louise has had many solo and group exhibitions and has won several Art Awards. Her work forms part of many private and corporate collections worldwide.

Louise has travelled widely in Africa, Europe and the UK to experience rural life and communities. After several visits to Australia, she decided to permanently settle in South East Queensland. Since her arrival, she has been exploring the local Hinterland and has found the same universal inspiration in the local landscape.

Her landscape art captures the spirit of the ideal pastoral experience by simplifying elements to their basics leaving only the impression of the perceived vision. This has led to a further exploration resulting in a non figurative portrayal of everyday country life. Her abstract works reflect this simplification of shapes and textures found in the natural world leaving only the essential impression.  

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