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Capanart Gallery


2016 - Wonderful start to the year!

Posted by Susan Capan on May 7, 2016 at 11:10 AM

Well, after a very quiet 2015, this year has been wonderful by comparison for 2016! Quite exciting to see more expensive paintings and sculptures selling really well! Lots of artists, including me inspired to paint more, knowing more sales around the corner. The gallery feels more vibrant and we are getting more quality work in, continually, to replace sold stock.

The fabulous chicken wire sculptures by Ivan Lovatt, are creating a riot, as visitors spot a giant lion or wolf, from the street and squeals of exclamations about chicken wire etc are heard. Some great new work has been coming in by popular artist Kerry Nobbs, of big sky and sea landscapes and they have been flying out the door, as have the more expensive Robert Hagan paintings, which we cant keep up with! New stock arriving mid May. Some great pieces too.

I have started a Frida Kahlo series of paintings, and a client asked if I could do one that was funky and popped with colour, so I had a play and added Gold Leaf as well. She was thrilled and then people saw it and I got five more commissions!!! Looks like I will be doing more for a while. Also have designer Art Cushions to match with many of my paintings printed in Qld. on quality linen. Available loose for travellers or with inserts!

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